Day 2 – Tierra del Fuego

I got to choose today’s adventure, and I chose to explore Tierra del Fuego! After a long bus ride picking up guests at other hotels, we drove into the National Park, paid our entrance fee, and went to a kayak launch point.


We certainly had our struggles finding gear that would fit Charlie, which would become a theme this trip, but we finally were able to find something that would mostly work, gear up and get into a white water raft. We paddled through the Lago Roca and into the Beagle Channel. It wasn’t a strenuous paddle, and there were lots of birds and things to see.

After that adventure we were back in the bus and off to a trailhead. We immmediately got to sample local fruit off of a tree on our forest hike, of course approved by our guide, and then hiked up and down trails down to the coast of the Channel. Once on the channel, it was mostly rocky shores with driftwood – but fantastic views. We even stopped for waht looked like coffee or tea, but was actually Yerba Mate. We would start seeing this everywhere after that, but it is a caffeinated beverage from a local herb. Charlie loved the rock climbing and hike, but Amy wasn’t so thrilled. I eventually had all the bags for the trek back to the bus, but it was still a great way to see Argentina before we headed off to Antartica.

We got back to the hotel and regrouped with Brandon and Erin, and drove back into town for Dinner. We had some wonderful food and views at Reinamora, complete with some Argentine wine.

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