The Puppy Mocha

I love the way Starbucks creates names for everything…

When I was consulting in Chicago, I ordered a mocha one day and instead received something even more delicious.  I saved the label and took it to Starbucks the next time I went.

Me: Whatever this is, its delicious, can I have one of these?

Starbucks Lady: Aww, you done got yourself a Dirty Chai!

And I’ve been in Love ever since.  I sometimes vary my order by getting a ‘Double Dirty’ (2 espresso shots), or a ‘Skinny Dolce’ (Latte with sugar-gree Dolce syrup), and it seems as though whenever I change my order, they have a term for my new concoction.  Brilliant!

My dog Daisy has a love affair with Ice Cream, but it’s a well known fact around the house.  She knows how to beg at the Drive thru window, and usually gets her way.  So this extended to Starbucks one day when the lady at the drive thru gave her a little shot of whip cream – instant love affair.

Because of this, and the inconsistency of the whip cream being handed out, I now order ‘a small cup of whip cream’ with my order so Daisy can get her fix.  So, to tie this all together, I pull up to the drive thru, order my drink, and as they repeat it back, voila, the ‘Puppy Mocha’ was born…

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