Luray Caverns

It’s Fun to Take a Detour

Charlie and I were in Virginia visiting family and going to St. George’s Camp, a camp that her and her cousins, me and my brothers, and even my parents went to. Always a fun experience to be up on the Mountain again.

I don’t have very vivid memories of Luray Caverns, but I must have gone there as a kid. Instead of driving straight home, I offered Charlie the option of driving out of the way to Luray before heading back to Michigan. Being a rock lover, she was in.

It’s out of the way, out of my cell range, and from the outside looked very touristy. But I had pre purchased tickets, so we got to skip the big line and head down into the caves.

So worth it. The way they light up all the rock formations really enhance the whole experience. It’s a good thing they have plenty of signs explaining how the different formations were formed, because there was no way I was able to keep up with all of Charlie’s questions.

We took so many pictures and really just tried to take it all in. The highlight for me was probably the organ room, where they still have an organ that is connected electronically to small hammers that tap on the different stalatics to produce its music. I didn’t think it would be possible in 2021 to quiet a room full of people, but when the music started everyone participated and the cave was silent.

As many had done before, we stopped and put some money in the wishing pond. Initially, I felt bad that I didn’t have a quarter, but most people going through there must be in the same situation, because the pond was filled with green. Charlie made her wish, and I still don’t know what it is – hopefully it came true.

We wrapped up, grabbed a souvenir, and headed on our way. We were going to stop at a hotel anyway to break up our trip, so what better way to stretch out a day then to take in some natural beauty.

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