Current Projects

Eagle Lake Texas Association

 I maintain our Home Owners Association Website, which helps keep neighbors informed and connected.  The site is maintained with Wix and MailChimp.

We Love Singing

 Singing Blog I manage.  Site has articles on singing and music, as well as product reviews for speakers, microphones, and other audio gear.  The site is maintained with WordPress.

Floor Mat Reviews

 Product Review Blog that specializes in Floor Mats – in homes, cars, or any other location.  The site is maintained with WordPress.

Pathology Services of Kalamazoo

 Website I created and maintain for a group of local Pathologists.  The site is maintained with WordPress.

Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association

 My daughter is an Ice Skater and belongs to GKSA.  I maintain the groups Website, which helps keep skaters up to date and highlights large skating events the group hosts.  The site is maintained with WordPress.

GKSA Ice Account

 I help GKSA utilize a WooCommerce backend to manage how skaters pay for and utilze Ice Time.  The site is maintained with WordPress.

Zion Lutheran Church

 I helped create my church’s Website, and now currently am part of a team that maintains it.  The site is maintained with Wix.

Friends of Jesus Preschool

 My church has an onsite Pre School, and I helped create a new website for them.  Built with Wix, I was able to train the staff to change and maintain the site themselves.

Past Projects

Très Chic Events

 I worked with Breelyn to design Très Chic in the early 2000’s for her Catering and Event Business while living in Lousiville, Kentucky.
Since then, Breelyn has moved to Jonesborough, TN where her and her husband Alex run Main Street Catering

Identification Devices

I had the opportunity to help Chris back in 2008 with his vision to make an USB Drive that could provide First Responders with the critial information they need.  I helped develop the iD drive, as well as maintaining the website.
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