What do you say about something that you’ve spent 13 years depending on?

Amy and I decided in 2009 to move on from leasing and purchase cars.  All we had was Daisy and the Double Cab seemed large, but Amy thought we should get the bigger one ‘just in case’.   I custom ordered the Tundra and literally saw it come off the truck when it came to Kalamazoo.

Daddie Charlie Ski Trip
Heading Up North
Dump Runs
Grandmas in Asheville
Moving Stuff to the Cabin
Christmas Trip to Virginia
Turning Over 200,000 Miles
Daisy Starbucks Runs
Hauling Firewood
Rides with Charlie
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275,000 miles – Charlie, moving houses, trips up North, down South, a Final Four, clearing customs to Canada, and to Home back East.  Hauling luggage, trash to the dump, then pulling utility trailers, and finally our Boats, this Tundra did it all and didn’t flinch.  It outlasted 3 of Amy’s cars and seemed like it would always keep running.  I still remember where I was coming back from a trip from the Exstream office when it hit 100K, and coming back from Up North when it hit 200K.

I put it up for Sale on Facebook and it quickly found a new home in early October.  I’m driving the SHO until I figure out what’s next, but I will always remember my time with my Tundra.

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