Antarctica Day 1 – The Flight Down

And we’re off! After finishing the GKSA Ice Show, it was time to pack up our stuff, our elf, and head south. The Detroit to Atlanta flight was fine – I sat next to Charlie with Amy in the back. We had a long layover in Atlanta in the Sky Club, thinking the red eye would be alright over night to Buenos Aires. But Charlie and I got middle seats and I had horrible time. Couldn’t move, couldn’t sleep, was bored of the TV choices. Amy slept on and off and Charlie watched Bob Ross and MM Clubhouse – what a sport.

After that horrible experience, we arrived to sunshine and South America.

We waited an hour for customs, and then hauled all of our luggage to another Terminal to catch an Aerolias Argentinas flight to Ushuaia, only to find out Delta Medallion Status worked for the Argentine Airlines.

So after being able to catch our breath, we had a nice sleepy flight to Ushaia, catching up and regrouping.

We land in what looks like a Scandavian port town at the end of the world. We are lucky to have a car service that was willing to stop by a drug store for Amy and had a bunch of stories, like how Olympic Ski Teams practice there in the summer since it is there winter and they have decent mountains.

We get to the Arakur Hotel which was totally stunning. On the top of a mountain outside of town with a view of it all. Plus a spa and system of indoor and outdoor hottubs. We find Brandon and Erin there, our travel pals for the next 2 weeks, and share some wine and games while we catch up. A decent Brazilian steakhouse hotel dinner, some late night hot tubbing, and off to sleep after a lot of travel.

This trip should be a lot of fun.

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