Safari Day 6 – Tarangire

We said goodbye to our friends and set our sights towards Tarangire.  The entrance looked a lot like a rest area with picnnic tables and signs, and it was hard to imagine this palce being busy, but it was still the dry season and the migration hadn’t come to this river yet.

The safari was pretty much the same except for the roadrunner and the super cool Baobab trees, but Amy was able to get some great pictures.  By far the best part of the day was the end when we made it to Tarangire Treetops.  Not only did we stay in a super spacious treehouse with a great view, but we were able to relax.

Cocktails were served poolside while Elephants roamed past, and the wine was flowing by the fire after a great outdoor dinner.  This was the best lodging experience by far during our trip to Africa.  Waking up the next morning in the trees, we packed our bags and got ready  to say farewell.

A leisurely breakfast and back in our Jeep.  We stopped for our obligatory shopping trip, had to pick up our spears from our Kilimanjaro guides, ran through town and ended up at the airport – thanks for a great adventure Tanzania!

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