Safari Day 4 – Serengeti to Ngoro Crater

After made to order omelets and sleeping through the night with no stampedes, we loaded up the Jeeps and took off, us in our direction and our friends with Erf.  On our way out to the Serengeti, we saw a baby Elephant and had a close encounter win a Hippo, who was out of the water, came to our Jeeps, and thankfully took off up the road.  After that adventure and another flat tire (and a chance to use the outdoor restroom for the boys), we were off to Ngorongoro Crater.


The road was super long.  Besides some cool Copsies, which are rock croppings, which had some awesome lizards, it was a lot of plains and bumpy roads. 

We encountered more Maasai at a gas station and along the roads, as I guess they have a lot of villages along our route. 

We arrived at Ngoro Serena Lodge, and realized we had stepped up our lodging once again.  No escorts as everything was indoors, with great views down into the crater.

The host took us on a guided walk, which was a bit strange.  At one point we happened onto a group of men Maasai having a ‘retreat’, which really looked like extended nap time, but it was explained that they were responsible for hunting as well.  Another great dinner and a show featuring acrobats which was incredible.

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