Safari Day 3 – Serengeti

Erf set us up with a hike led by one of the local Maasai.  Amy was hiked out, so I went with the rest of our group and we tracked vultures around until we found a Wildebeast skull the Hyenas had left behind. 

Coming back, the migration cut us off from camp for several minutes.  A small break opened up, and we ran back to camp.

Outdoor lunch, pack up, and then we were back in the Jeeps.  We saw more Zebras and some smaller Dik Diks, but it was a slower animal day.  

We pulled into the Serengeti Serena Lodge and were happy to see solid walls…and a pool!  We caught up with Charlie back home and relaxed a little.  

Us and the other adults went for a sunset Safari, but again didn’t see much.


Back in the hotel to have a wonderful buffet.  This place even had a bar that had bourbon, and for entertainment a group of drummers came to put on a show.  Per the rules, we had to be escorted back to our hut, since animal attacks during the night are a real thing.

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