June 20th, 2016 

The rest of the hike was long but light.  The hardest part of going downhill is watching out for your toes.  It was warmer, wetter, and the vegetation came back.  We saw waterfalls, porcupine needles, runners, and people that had no business hiking Kilimanjaro.  The Coca Cola Route is the flattest and has huts the entire way, and so we made quick time of it.

We get to the gate Erf, Chief Entertainment Officer of Kalamazoo Safari Company, is there with Beer and Wine.  As we were relaxing, the crew had cleaned up, and they came back to perform the closing ceremony to our hike.  What a great feeling to be done and have everyone singing songs and congratulating you.  We tipped out the crew, hopped in the car, grabbed some more tiny bananas, and went to our Hotel to get clean.