Kilimanjaro Day 4

4720m (15420ft)

Amy and I are getting into a routine.  Cooked breakfast, leave our bags, start our hike.  Amy was offered toilet service before we left for the trip.  I thought it sounded kind of silly, but the first time I tried to use the outhouse I found out just how nice this was.  No seats in the public outhouses at the campsites we were staying at.  So trying to squat while avoiding your clothes seemed super hard – and that’s without the flashlight at night.  The alternative was a toilet you’d find in a camper, and an enclosing tent.  The porters cleaned it up each morning and put it on his head to carry up to the next spot.  Well worth it!

The weather changed quite drastically on Day 4.  We reached the saddle of Kilimanjaro in foggy haze.  Kibo Hut had buildings for people to sleep in.  We thought Peter was crazy for making us tent, until we went into a hut and realized how stuffy and smelly those buildings were.  However they were out of the snow, which fell on our tent in the afternoon.  No afternoon hike today as we are getting up at midnight to summit.


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