June 16th, 2016 – 3450m (11320ft)

Crepes, Sausage, and Eggs can really set the day off right.  It was a gorgeous morning, with good looks at Kili.  After breakfast, we headed out while the crew cleaned up, packed us up, and then eventually passed us on the hike.  We would find out later this was the norm, and they would have camp ready for us by the end of the hike.


Another methodic pace, and we could really tell the vegetation was changing.  At a rest stop, we stopped at a cave and were greeted by a chipmunk.  We found out Buffalo also hike up that high.  Stopped at Second Cave, had Beef Stew, Pineapple, and Bread before a rocky afternoon climb, nap, sun tanning (it was beautiful!).  And then dinner – Chicken and Rice with Red Sauce, Oranges, and Zucchini Soup.