Day 12 -13 – Back Across the Drake

After we left Half Moon Island, the captain didn’t waste anytime starting our trip back to Ushuaia. No wake up call meant getting to sleep in and relax. I had time to journal. Amy had time to read. There was also a mountain of pictures to sort through, from our cameras and phones. Charlie had fun playing card games with whoever would play with her. We toured the upper deck and ran around, and once again saw the Captains Deck and smoking lounge. The crew and staff also had time for lectures and some more information on how to digest what we had seen.

And we got to ride the Drake roller coaster.

Every morning the kitchen staff came around and asked what our dinner choices would be. We were all still yearning for some American fare, and Charlie got super excited when she saw ‘Grilled Cheese‘ on the menu. To her dismay, the chef quite literally grilled a block of cheese for dinner. Dissapointed, I took her back to the room to eat snacks instead. When Amy brought me my Osso Buco, I instantly felt nausous with all the boat movement. I had decided to not take the dramamine so I wouldn’t feel hungover, which turned out to be a bad choice. I spent the rest of the night just trying to stay away from the toilet.

The next day was a lot calmer as we got closer to Argentina. More running and playing, and by late afternoon we were pulling into Ushuaia. Mother Nature was kind enough to greet us with a rainbow as we cruised into port. Some of our new friends got off and went into town, but we stayed on the boat, had plenty of cocktails and checked in with the world now that we had internet.

The next morning we had breakfast and packed our bags. We got to say all of our goodbyes to our wonderful staff and crew. Charlie really had become the mascot as they all made sure to say a few special things to her. Finally, it was our time to get off the Plancius and back onto dry land.

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