Safari Day 5 – Ngoro Crater

The best animal day by far!  We saw just about everything – Lions, Lionesses, Ostriches, Hippos, Flamingos, Zebras stopping our car, Wildebeast, and the elusive Black Rhino. 

When the Rhino was spotted, everyone’s radios lit up and our driver literally pulled a U-turn and took off so that we could see it.

The Crater is tough to get out of, so the animals naturally stay there and don’t mind the Jeeps driving by.  Even though I was sick , there wasn’t too many dead spots driving around.  We had a lion stroll past our Jeep, and after found a pack of Lions taking their turn with a fresh kill.

We didn’t want to leave, and if we came back, we’d spend more time here, but we had to get to our next hotel.  After getting mauled by some kids trying to give them colored pencils, we made it to the Endoro Lodge.  We missed Erf’s surprise performance while we got cold massages, but that couldn’t distract from a great day!

The ELusive Black Rhino
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