Safari Day 2 – Serengeti

A full day of Safari today.  We woke up, had some breakfast, and hit the Jeeps.  We figured out that as excited as we were to see Zebras and Wildebeasts whe we got there, ther eare about as common as cows in America.

They were literally herds of them trekking around and making noise.

We learned they live a somewhat symbiotic lifestyle though as Zebras can navigate and Wildebeasts can find the water.  They also sound like a train – a stampede ran through our camp overnight.


The animal highlights of the day were the pool of Hippos – they smell awful and fling poop with their tails, and the tree of lionesses hanging out.

We also saw an elephant fight that got a little exotic towards the end, saw a monkey with blue balls, and had a flat tire on the way.

We cleaned up under the stars with the outdoor shower and had some good wine for dinner setup by Erf.

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